About Gap Filler

Gap Filler is a creative urban regeneration initiative that facilitates a wide range of temporary projects, events, installations and amenities in the city.

These short-term and comparatively small-scale projects are far less risky than new permanent developments – and consequently open up opportunities for experimentation: trying new ideas, pushing social boundaries, adopting participatory processes to get everyday people involved in creating their city. Working with local community groups, artists, architects, landowners, librarians, designers, students, engineers, dancers – anyone with an idea and initiative – we activate city spaces for temporary, creative, people-centred purposes.

By recycling materials, teaming up with suppliers, harnessing volunteer power and being creative, Gap Filler proves that the regeneration of the city does not rely solely on large-scale developments by the private or public sectors. Great things can be achieved with community power and resourcefulness; we can be flexible and swift in adapting to our changing city, meaning our projects will always provide contemporary reflection on the state of society.

Ultimately, Gap Filler aims to innovate, lead and nurture people and ideas; contributing to conversations about city-making and urbanism in the 21st century.

Always Evolving

Temporary, site-specific projects are still our core activity. But along the way we’ve realised that it’s the principles – especially of experimentation, adaptability and participation – that are most important. Doing temporary projects is one way of lowering the risk to enable those principles to shine, but we’re pursuing any means of fostering more experimentation and meaningful participation in the city, whether that’s through education and work in schools, partnering on large-scale permanent developments, working with Council to create an enabling regulatory framework and incentives for property owners to be more community-minded with the use of their vacant sites and buildings, or anything else in line with our principles.


  • Civic Trust Award 2011
  • Mayor’s Earthquake Service Award, 2011
  • SHAC (Sustainable Habitat Challenge) Award, 2012
  • Sustainable Business Network Social Innovation Awards, 2012
  • BEST Design Awards, Silver (Exhibitions and Temporary Installations category) for the Pallet Pavilion, 2013
  • Coralie Winn, New Year’s Honour list, Queen’s Service Medal for Service to the Arts, 2015


  • Resene Architectural Design Awards, Finalist for Dance-O-Mat, 2012
  • Coralie Winn (Gap Filler Director and Co-Founder), Finalist for NEXT Woman of the Year (Arts) 2013
  • International Award for Public Art, 2015

Our Values:

  • Community EngagementWe believe in encouraging and promoting community spirit, growth and awareness by assisting people to experience and participate in artistic projects. We believe that vacant land and buildings present opportunities; through developing and investing in gap sites, communities will recognise the value of social/cultural activities and communal endeavour in building social capital and resilience, stimulating economic development and creating connectedness. We feel that ‘community spirit’ is necessarily related to the idea of ‘the public good’: communities are strongest when working for public benefit, social capital and a flourishing environment.
  • ExperimentationWe value trying out new things and not repeating ourselves, taking calculated risks to lead by example with high productivity and turnover of projects. We want to draw on the opportunities presented by each site, neighbour, business, community and individual involved.
  • LeadershipWe believe in leadership, expressing our values through fearless implementation – by doing. We want to celebrate playfulness, hope, critique and positivity. We are living out our values in, and contributing to, a flourishing city.
  • CreativityWe esteem the spirit of innovation, exploring new ways of engaging, creating and realising ideas, honouring and promoting the arts and artistic practice and process.
  • ResourcefulnessWe understand and value resourcefulness as meaning both adaptability and a commitment to re-use, re-purpose and recycle wherever possible.
  • CollaborationWe believe in seeking out partners to implement ideas together, as well as co-operating to realise others’ ideas. We feel that collaboration unlocks creative potential.

We also strive to honour the Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti in our projects, approach and relationships. We believe in honouring the stories and histories of this place, Ōtautahi and its tangata whenua.

Our History

Gap Filler was initially formed in response to the September 2010 earthquake in Christchurch, then expanded after the February 2011 quake. It is supported by the Gap Filler Trust and is a registered charity.

Our first project ran from Thursday 25 November until Sunday 5 December, 2010 and involved us transforming an empty site on Colombo Street into a space which hosted a temporary garden café, petanque, live music, poetry readings, outdoor cinema and more. The project was incredibly well-received and utilised, which led to further projects including art installations, concerts, workshop spaces and eventually semi-permanent structures such as the Pallet Pavilion, RAD Bikes and the Dance-O-Mat. All of our previous projects can be read about here.

Gap Filler Volunteers

Hundreds of amazing people have made the Gap Filler projects possible. There are far too many to name but all contribute their bit.

Gap Filler Staff

Gap Filler was initially run entirely by volunteers, but as the volume and scale of our work increased, we were able to secure funding for a core team of staff to make it all possible.

Gap Filler is an organisation that’s committed to growing and nurturing people. All of our team have multiple ‘other’ lives as artists, educators, entrepreneurs, event organisers, parents, caterers, consultants, jewellers, community workers and more. For that reason, almost all of our team members are employed part-time. This makes for a diverse team with a range of interests and strengths and, we hope, makes for a healthier and more diverse organisation. Balance can be difficult to achieve, but we’re always trying.

Coralie Winn – Co-founder and director (currently on maternity leave)
Rachael Welfare – Operations director
Ryan Reynolds – Co-founder and strategic director
Richard Barnacle – Project coordinator
Sally Airey – Education and outreach
Hannah Airey – Wellbeing Activist and administration power
Simon Gurnsey – ‘The Man’ technical assistance and practical everything
Correna Davies – Activator
Damian Doyle – Project Developer


Here’s a wee bio on some of our staff and Board members (more to come!). Each was written by someone else to get another perspective on each other’s character, and characters they are!


As the name suggests, Hannah Airey is an uplifting figure in the Gap Filler family and brings enthusiasm to all tasks. She’s our Wellbeing Activist, all-round administrator, works the finance books, updates the website and bakes ridiculously delicious brownies.

When Hannah’s not filling gaps and facilitating laughter workshops (yes! really!) she’s juggling family commitments, ticking things off her bucket list and eating apples by the sea. Hannah’s life mantra is: “Do what you would be done by” and she realises that every day through her work with Gap Filler.

By Melissa


The elder statesman of our board, Martin Trusttum balances his senior status with a vibrant energy for things creative and urban. Martin started his working journey in music before switching to fashion, where he ran a business for fifteen years followed by teaching at CPIT.  Teaching morphed into a project-oriented role, putting on events and facilitating relationships into and out of CPIT. This included initiating the Arts Hub within CPIT and leading Artbox. Martin now works with Ōtākaro and is the Project Manager for ‘Art by the River’. Martin brings with him a great combination of organisational experience, creative direction, people skills and business understanding, joined with a quick laugh, warmth and a good hug.

By Andrew


Ciaran Fox is the Chairperson of our Board. Ciaran is also a Mental Health Promoter with the Mental Health Foundation and has given us much valuable information and advice around community wellbeing and is always looking out for the wellbeing of our staff and fellow Board Members.

Ciaran is an artist of words and has been Master of Ceremonies at many of our community events.  He has a warmth and caring about him that is a joy to be around.

By Hannah


Melissa Reimer is like the forbidden fruit: we were half-scared, half-desirous to invite her onto the board for her reputation as a ‘business-minded’ and killer saleswoman. She’s wicked smart, with a background (and PhD) in Art History, and brings an exciting-almost-neurotic energy to the board. She’s always entertaining, loves camping, is very happy when in Wanaka and hates having wet hands.

By Ryan


Sally Airey manages the education and youth programme for Gap Filler.  Sally has formalised the work that Gap Filler does with young people and taken the Gap Filler message into schools and youth groups across the city.  Sally has helped get funding for the education activities and run the programme in a way that has made the most of the money given.  Sally started off as volunteer for Gap Filler and is a faithful advocate for what Gap Filler stands for.

By Claire (Claire used to be our Fundraising person extraordinaire) 


Gap Filler co-founder and Director, Coralie Winn leads a team of six people in the creative activation of vacant sites around the city.

She is relationship-focused, creative and determined. Gap Filler’s success can be attributed to Coralie’s ability to engage and involve people from across the community in collaborative projects. She also enjoys dancing like an crazy person in public at the Dance-O-Mat.

By Trent (Our second ever employee! Trent is now ‘retired’.)


Avid cyclist, cinematographer and wharf jumping enthusiast, it seems there isn’t much Richard Barnacle hasn’t turned his hand to… One of the younger members of our team, Rich is a Project Co-ordinator as well being the go to person for web/open-sourcing/teach support.  He has worked with artists on projects such as Giraffing Around, Faux Arcadia and Concrete Propositions and on community building projects such as RAD (Recycle a Dunger) Bikes, and Gap Golf. Rich is great at working with people young and old alike and is the driving force behind our volunteer offerings and internship programme.

By Sally


Lance Edmonds is the Treasurer for the Trust Board. As an Associate for Kendons Chartered Accountants, Lance contributes his specialist expertise when it comes to trusts, business planning and performance, budgeting and cash flow forecasting and much more! Known for his easy-going manner, he’s regularly called upon for advice and has a knack for explaining financial things in layman’s terms that can be understood by all.

By Lydia (Lydia is an ex Board member, and now lovely mother)


Dr Ryan Reynolds is one of the co-founders of the Gap Filler Trust and Strategic Director, this means Ryan has the difficult task of reining in wild discussions (while injecting some of the whackiest ideas himself). As a consultant he travels widely, speaking to councils, universities and other organisations about adaptive urbanism. He has endless enthusiasm and ideas and has worked relentlessly since the conception of Gap Filler, donating hundreds and hundreds of hours to the initiative.

By Martin 


Andrew Just is co-founder and architect-extraordinaire. Andrew has been involved in a number of iconic projects in Christchurch including temporary art gallery and studio project Artbox, the structural magnificence that are the Arcades and of course the Gap Filler projects. Never short of a clever idea or kind word, Andrew is now a much respected board member and occasional consultancy recruit. He enjoys tramping and has raced tuk tuk’s across India. He also gives (and demands) the best hugs!

By Rachael


Catrina Hughes has lived in Christchurch all her life and comes to the Gap Filler board from the CanTeen board (even though she says she’s not arty at all!) She loves reading and loud music, um… kittens and karate. She could eventually turn into a Krazy Karate Kicking Kat lady. She is a Solicitor at Anthony Harper and mostly pretty thoughtful with her advice.

By Simon


As a keen skater, snowboarder and surfer Damian Doyle prefers to do everything Standing Sideways, so this is how you’ll find him whether he’s building a skate ramp, making a film, drinking tea or turning a Japanese highway into a terrain park. With his lateral thinking (and position), boundless energy, ideas and ability to make things happen, Damian is a valuable recent addition to the team.

By Rich


Correna Davies is our go to project activator / event organiser extraordinaire with a huge amount of experience in events of all sizes, from Iron Maiden stadium gigs to kids discos at the Dance-O-mat (including the wearing of an animal onesie!)

Chief Gap Filler HQ sorter-outerer with a system for everything, highly skilled at putting objects and people in the perfect place at the right time! Powered by extra strong fruit teas and a fantastically eclectic taste in music, Correna makes cool stuff happen and we look forward to many more projects and events with her at the helm.

By Damian


Rachael Welfare has ventured forth from curating the old to helping fill gaps in the new through her role as Operations Director.  Rachel brings to the team a combination of creative skills and passion from her Masters in Museum and Heritage Studies and a love for baking and travel.  Rachel has one setting – greatness.  She has amazing skills with organising and when not doing this for GF, she is completing renovations on her home and searching for her doggy companion (a Great Dane, of course!).

By Catrina


Mr Simon Gurnsey is the man with the means, creating new ways to do
anything and getting it done. Simon is the owner of The Commons favourite
four legged friend Mr Brock! Brokkie has brought joy to hundreds with an
endless supply of energy for playing fetch. Simon is also a Sociometrist,
whatever that is..

By Correna