May 23, 2011: CPIT Design/Build – 19 Ferry Rd & 270 St Asaph St (#5&6)

Gap Filler / CPIT collaboration
Monday 23 May – Thursday 2 June 2011

Architecture students at Christchurch Polytechnic were given just five days to generate and implement designs to fill two specific vacant sites in the CBD that had been left vacant post the earthquake in February. Two winning designs have come to light following an intense design programme on Tuesday morning. The first site is located on the former Jetset Lounge property at 270 St Asaph Street. The second site, ‘The Triangle,’ is located at 19 Ferry Road.

The first design team, for ‘The Triangle’ at 19 Ferry Road, has created an interactive installation titled ‘Words of Hope’. The other design is a ’50s-themed bowling alley on the former Jetset Lounge site.

‘The Triangle’ site underwent a transformation to make a symbolic human-scale Christchurch City out of recycled and found objects. The found objects were left painted white, providing visitors to the site an opportunity to have their say sharing ideas, words of hope, encouragement and messages of support (or anything else) by tagging and writing on the symbolic city.

A member from ‘The Triangle’ design group, Jared Sim, says “We wanted to link the idea of the garden city with future building developments by making green areas such as Hagley Park more prominent within the city. This is done by using the grassy areas on the site as well as utilising the filing cabinets within the cityscape by placing pot plants and shrubs within open drawers.”

The Jetset site underwent a transformation into a bowling alley, inspired by its previous use as a student recreation venue. The architectural design students created a temporary, interactive ten-pin bowling installation, where anyone could go and play ten-pin bowling for free. A ’50s theme was embraced throughout the running of Jetset event.

There was a week-long flurry of activity on both sites, with teams varying from 30 to 40 students working hard to turn their ideas into something tangible. Both sites were open to the public at 5pm on the Friday, complete with live bands and free food, to kick start the function.

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